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Procusini 5.0 Chocolate 3D Printer

Procusini 5.0 Chocolate 3D Printer

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Procusini 5.0 Chocolate & Food 3D Printer

  • 3D Food Printing System for professional use
  • Convenient operation via integrated 3.5 inch display
  • Use your own food or Procusini food with guaranteed success
  • Incl. over 1,000 tested 3D objects, hollow forms, letters and numbers
  • Free access to the Procusini Club - create your own 3D templates with just a few clicks, without programming
  • 12 Volt operation with low energy consumption of < 60 W in normal operation
  • Compact dimensions in operation: 60 x 60 x 65 cm (L x H x W)


✓ Guaranteed success

✓ Creative & personalised

✓ Plug & Play

✓ Integrated display

✓ Without programming

Procusini made easy

From unpacking your Procusini to producing your first object, you need less than 15 minutes, all without any previous experience.

1. Unfold

2. Insert Refill

3. Close

4. Preheat & off you go!

Stainless Steel Cartridges Make For Easy Cleaning

3D objects

With the purchase of a Procusini® 3D Food Printing System you get access to the exclusive Procusini® Club. Live out your creativity - with numerous applications, e.g. Small seriesText messagesLogos or the over 1,000 objects from the template library

There you will find all the applications with which you can create individual objects without prior knowledge. Short videos, as well as Tips & Tricks make getting started a breeze, all the way without programming.

What's included in a Procusini purchase?

Free access to the Procusini Club 1
12 V power supply unit with national plug 1
Procusini SD Card (incl. SD card reader USB) 1
Stainless Steel Cartridge 1
Stainless Steel Dosing Tip Universal 1
Stainless Steel Dosing Tip Choco 1
Cleaning Hook 1
Scalpel 1
Silicone Mat 2

Chocolate/Food included with starter set Procusini 3D:

Procusini® 3D Choco Dark – 4 Refills (4 x 75 g)

Procusini® 3D Choco White - 4 Refills (4 x 75 g)

Procusini® 3D Choco Pink - 2 Refills (2 x 75 g)

Procusini® 3D Choco Blue - 2 Refills (2 x 75 g)

Procusini® 3D Marzipan - 4 Refills (2 x 85 g)


Check out Procusini manufacturer Print4Taste's website for more information, detailed tutorial videos, and printer visuals — but be sure to return for free delivery in North America.

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