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Polylite Silk PLA

Polylite Silk PLA

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PolyLite™ PLA is a high-quality PLA designed for reliability and ease of printing. Silk PLA has a special surface finish that gives the effect of hiding the layers with a Metallic, glossy and smooth effect. Ideal for figurines, decoration piece or gift print.

PolyLite Silk PLA is carefully winded to avoid any tangling issues, dried and vacuum sealed in a resealable ziplock bag with desiccant. Please make sure to NEVER let go the tip of the filament as it may create nodes. Holes on the side of the spool can be used to prevent this issue

No warping, no jamming, no blobs or layer delamination issues. PolyLite Silk PLA is a worry-free 3D Printer filament which has great bed adhesion, very consistent color and dimensional accuracy 【Note - turn off the fan for the first layer for improved bed adhesion】

Comes in upgraded 3.0 version packaging with fully recycled cardboard spool and box

Printing Settings - Nozzle: 210˚C; Bed: 50˚C; Speed: 60mm/s. 

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