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Polyflex TPU95 (750g)

Polyflex TPU95 (750g)

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PolyFlex TPU95 is a flexible TPU filament 1.75 ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane filament) with features a "Shore A" hardness of 95A and boasts a large strain-to-failure test result with over 400%. Flexible filaments are known to be difficult to work with Well not any more PolyFlex is designed to be compatible with almost all desktop FDM/FFF printers and requires no hardware modification

Polymaker Orange TPU soft filament is carefully winded to avoid any tangling issues, dried and vacuum sealed in a resealable ziplock bag with desiccant. Please make sure to NEVER let go the tip of the filament as it may create nodes. Holes on the side of the spool can be used to prevent this issue.
Super easy to print with. Great flexibility and shape memory. Polymaker 3D filament TPU is strong yet flexible, which has tough rubbery consistency and outstanding layer adhesion, also Bubble-free, Jam Free & Warp Free, easily get really perfect prints with proper settings.

PolyFlex TPU filament 1.75mm has wide applications including wear seals, plugs, gaskets, sheets, key ring case for mobile hands-bike parts shock, and Wearable Device/Protective applications such as insoles, watch bands, phone cases, drone parts and more
PolyFlex TPU95 Printing Settings: Nozzle: 210˚C - 230˚C; Bed: 25˚C - 60˚C; Speed: 20mm/s - 40mm/s; Fan: On. Selected Diameter: 3D Printer filament flexible Orange TPU 1.75mm ( Elastic filament Orange TPU Roll ).
PolyFlex TPU Flexible filament 1.75mm should be printed at lower speed than normal. It's better to work on direct drive extruders. Please print slowly and read the tips if you are bowden. Turn off (or limit) retraction if possible. Turn up the bed temp to 80C or so for the first layers to get good adhesion

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