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PolyBox (2nd Edition)

PolyBox (2nd Edition)

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PolyBox™ is a dry storage box designed to provide the optimum environment for 3D printing filaments. The PolyBox™ is compatible with all 3D printers and can house two 1kg spools or one 3kg spool.

Built in Thermo-Hygrometer - PolyBox Edition Ⅱ includes a built in high precision thermo-hygrometer to allow the user to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the PolyBox. The humidity can be maintained below 15% to prevent filament moisture absorption
Edition II Filament Box - Compared to Edition I, the PolyBox Edition II has slots both in the base and lid for different usage scenarios requirements. When you use the slot in the base, then you can take off the lid without stopping the printing. When you need to put the box lower than the printer, then you can use the slot in the lid
Reusable Desiccant Bags & Upgraded Packing - The desiccant bad inside the box is reusable so you can always keep your filament dry without buying new desiccant bag

Filament Box Dimensions - LxWxH(without base): 31x18x23cm; LxWxH(with base): 31x18x31cm; Supported filament spools: 2*1kg Spool or 1*3kg Spool (2 spools ≤ 52mm (width) or 1 spool ≤120mm (width))

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