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Nexa3D xCast Resin 5kg

Nexa3D xCast Resin 5kg

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xCast is a much more economical and scalable alternative to all other direct and indirect metal 3D printing solutions on the market today and comes with Nexa3D’s validated workflow including:

Cleaner burnout for a variety of metals, including titanium and aluminum alloys.
Faster pattern printing and draining for a variety of sizes as well as complex and lightweighted patterns.

20X productivity gain over traditional and additive alternatives leveraging in-foundry or near-foundry toolless production of precision patterns same day, not in weeks or months. 

xCast delivers precision patterns for rapid prototyping and series production that seamlessly integrate into any production foundry’s dip-shell or flask-type investment casting process delivering toolless semi-hollow plastic patterns in lieu of wax patterns. xCast patterns are processed similarly to wax without autoclave and are flash fired from the ceramic mold. Featuring low ash content, xCast can be used to create high resolution parts with excellent surface finish.

xCast is an ideal production of lightweighted structures and complex shape including generatively designed parts and assemblies

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